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Remembering the February strike

26 February 2024
9.30 am
Wilhelminabrug, Zaandam

Flyer for the 2024 commemoration of the February strike, with the text (in Dutch): “Remember the February strike. Resistance! Against genocide. Then in the Netherlands, now in Palestine. February 26, 9.30 am, Wilhelminabrug Zaandam”

In 1941, tens of thousands of workers in Zaandam went on strike. They resisted the persecution of Jewish fellow citizens. These were persecuted and murdered by the occupying forces.

Israel is currently perpetrating genocide. Palestinian citizens are persecuted and murdered by the Israeli occupier.

The February strikers revolted. That was the right thing to do.

Now it’s our turn to do the right thing. Demand the liberation of Palestine!

Let’s together commemorate the February strike. Bring a flower.