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πŸ₯—βœŠπŸ”»Zaan Antifascist Action Picnick πŸ”»βœŠπŸ₯—

16 June 2024
2.00 pm
Burgermeester in 't Veldpark, Zaandam

With coffee, tea, stickers, vegan feed, rugs, quiet spaces, zines, nice people, plenty to talk about and potentially even some nice weather.

Potluck style: bring along something to drink or snack if you can!

Getting there by public transport #

  • Bus 64 to Zaandam Kogerveld, exit at the stop Zaans Medisch Centrum
  • Bus 65 to De Vlinder, exit at the stop Zaans Medisch Centrum
  • Bus 69 to Krommenie, exit at the stop Zaans Medisch Centrum

Accessibility #

Location #

The location itself is on the grass, about 30 meters from a paved footpath. Parking available within 200 meters and accessible without steps.

Sound #

The location is in a public park, at some distance from a busy road. There won’t be any English sign language interpreter available, but we’re happy to use speech-to-text (such as Google Live Transcribe) or other written communication.

Vision #

Participants are happy to help describe what’s available, where everything is located, and how to get there. There won’t be any Braille texts available.

What would help you make the picnic more accessible? Let us know!


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