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Zaankanters for Palestine

Table of Contents

About #

Zaankanters for Palestine works together on actions for Palestine in the Zaan region.

Since 7 October 2023, the Israeli occupier in Palestine has brutally murdered more than 34,356 people (last updated: 26 April 2024).

That is equivalent to killing 21.50% of all residents of Zaanstad.

The occupying forces have destroyed entire residential areas and have made agricultural land unusable.

This can’t and shouldn’t be allowed to continue. This can’t and mustn’t go unpunished. We say:

  • Ceasefire now
  • Boycott Israel
  • End the occupation

People in the Zaan region stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Ideas for actions are welcome. If you want to do something together at your school, at work, or in your neighbourhood, please contact us.

Protection #

Have you been harassed at school, at your workplace, or on the street because you stand up for Palestine? Please also contact us. Then we will see whether we can do something about this together.

Activities #

Would you like to take part in activities in support of Palestina? Or just like to check it out sometime? You’re always very welcome to joing. For upcoming activities, see the agenda.